Go and Make Disciples

Our Biblical mandate is to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). That goes beyond saying a prayer to begin a relationship with Jesus. It’s an ongoing process in which we draw near to God and grow in spiritual maturity.

That’s our goal in Grove KIDS, to point kids to Christ. Even when kids graduate from our ministry into middle school, high school and beyond, the process of discipleship continues. But that process can’t happen without ministry catalysts like you.

A wise church leader once told me, “Our church is lead by God, but fueled by volunteers.”

You are the lifeblood of our ministry. You are the catalyst God has chosen to reach His kids.

It’s important to remember the concept of stewardship. These are not your kids, nor are they mine. They are God’s, and He has a special plan for each and every one of them. Part of that plan involves people like you who take the time to invest in their lives. People who love them, support them, guide them, and even show up to the occasional Little League game.

As you serve each week, be intentional in laying the foundation for a long-lasting relationship with your kids. Discipleship isn’t simply a year-long process until they reach the next grade, it’s a life-long journey of discovering who God is. Play your part in guiding and supporting them along that journey!